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The title of this post says it all! I have been wracking my brain for weeks trying to get the latest recaptcha (v3) from Google to work on my PHP sites (no CMS) and I tried all these great tutorials and nothing worked. Google just never sent anything back.

I finally found a thread where one wonderful person posted this PSA that they needed to turn on allow_url_fopen in their php.ini file. I tried it and voila! Now all this code I thought was completely broken works perfectly. I simply has to pass on the great news! Hopefully this helps someone else.

allow_url_fopen = On

I recently installed this text-based database user forum for a client using myUPB, my job was suppose to just be changing the template to match their current site. However, as the client started to use the software, we noticed some wonky things happening. Lost password e-mails never got sent, or, when they did, the included URL provided no host name. Just http://?request_ID=1&passcode=20076. Funky!

I did some research into the forum software and poked around the code a bit and found it was using $_SERVER[‘REQUEST_URI]; as well as $HTTP_HOST and other such fun server based variables. After a Google search of said keyword, I found this great blog post by David Walsh.

According to him, the problem could very likely be that the hosting server was IIS. I checked with the host, and bada-boom! IIS was indeed the problem. I implemented his code which retrieves $_SERVER[‘REQUEST_URI] in another way.

I’ll update this post as I work my way through all the other problems having this forum on IIS is causing.